Monday, August 25, 2014

Sales Increase in the Brazilian Medical Device Market

       Brazilian medical device sector is optimistic this year and companies expect sales to increase due to a growing demand boosted by the construction of new hospitals and labs, also because of the renovation of existing infrastructure.
      Regarding foreign firms, the Swedish manufacturer Sectra plans to replace the imports by a local production until 2016, by building its own factory or through a strategic partnership with a Brazilian manufacturer. The US-based Stryker, although it has no intention to produce medical equipment in Brazil yet, has an aggressive sales increase plan by exploiting other market segments with products made in the USA and Turkey. The company’s main concern is to recover the imports, which in 2013 fell by 15% because of the unfavorable exchange rate and inflation effects.
        As for the Brazilian companies, the expectation is optimistic as well. The surgical table-manufacturer Mecsul registers a sales increase of 20% each semester. 25% of Olsen’s production, medical and dental equipment manufacturer, is meant to the foreign market. Its medical line, for example, is sold in 50 countries. Over the past few years, Olsen’s foreign sales declined due to the competition with Chinese products, but the company expects this scenario to change.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Crowdfunding: How to Raise Money Online

When it is time to raise capital, crowdfunding is not a usual way chosen by medtech companies. Especially because investors want to finance opportunities less risky which can bring faster return, like softwares, than some complex device that might take years to be approved by the FDA.
However, when a medtech company choses crowdfunding to raise money, it is important to know what can increase chances of success. GoGetFunding, a company that has helped people from all over the world to raise millions, names the best practices of raising money from online donors, for example, updating a company's Facebook status as daily marketing activity might ensure the crowdfunding. 
Some statistics are shown below:
 * Campaigns with day-to-day marketing plans raise 180% more;
 * Projects with an average word count of between 300 and 500 words raise the most money. Explain who, what and why;
 * Campaigns that have a personal video raise 105% more than those that don't. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video is worth a million.   
     Finally, GoGetFunding suggests 10 steps to use their statistics and raise money online:
1. Nurture relationships with your inner-circle of friends, family and extended networks,
       2. Evaluate how much you need to raise,
       3. Set a realistic deadline,
       4. Gather a small fundraising team,
       5. Have a marketing plan,
       6. Create an awesome, personal fundraising page,
       7. Launch!
       8. Reach out to your inner circle and then extended networks,
       9. Engage, update and thank,
       10. Success!