Monday, September 22, 2014

Scenario of the Brazilian Medical Devices Market

MedTechWorld MD&M Brazil 2014, one of the main events of medical devices in Brazil, happened on August 26-27 at Transamérica Expo Center in Sao Paulo. This edition gathered together more than 3,000 professionals and 40 exhibitors.
One of the many interesting presentations was a study, conducted by Dr. Kleber Stelmasuk and Dr. Vitor Asseituno, both from Empreender Saúde, outlining the market scenario of research and development of medical devices in Brazil. The study revealed the strengths and weaknesses to enlarge the exports, increase the contact between university and industry for research and development, and identify what are the proposals to consolidate Brazil as a major global competitor of medical devices and nursing material. It also pointed out the concern about the deficit in the healthcare sector, since the industry doesn’t keep up with the patients’ demand.

Monday, September 8, 2014

2014: So far, a great year for the MedTech Industry in the USA

      According to the MedTech Half-Year Review, issued by EPVantage, 2014 has been telling an optimistic story for the medical device sector.
     Some points of this report have to be mentioned: merger and acquisitions stands at US$27.2 billion, compared to US$19 billion of 2013. The report also notes that the value of M&A in 2013 was close to being the lowest in a decade. More merger and acquisitions are to be announced until the end of 2014/beginning of 2015. During the first six months of 2014, medtech venture capital investments stand at US$1.9 billion, less than half of the US$3.9 billion raised in all of 2013. But second quarter of venture capital investment was up 33% from the first quarter of the year, so the expectations are still high. FDA approvals are also moving very fast. For PMAs, the average review time was 18.4 months compared to the average of 35.9 months in 2013.