Monday, June 4, 2012

Brazilian private and public health system coverage growth

Brazilian health insurance market has reached revenues of  US$ 41 billion in 2011, increasing 11.7% over 2010, according to the National Health Agency (ANS).

The number of people covered by health insurance increased 4.3% and reached 47.6 million in December (about 25% of the brazilian population).

There were 1,600 health insurance operators in Brazil by the end of 2011. Three major health insurance groups - Amil, Bradesco and Intermédica - have approximately 13 million customers, which means nearly 30% of the 47.6 million users.

Following the same growth trend, SUS (Brazilian Public National Health Care System) has coverage of about 63% of the brazilian population and carries out 75% of the high-complexity procedures, playing a very important role in the entire health care chain in Brazil.

Although still representing around 1.2% of world medical products market, data indicates a growth rate above the world average in Brazil, while the government has been creating several incentives for the development of domestic medical products industry.