Friday, July 6, 2012

Brazilian Reinforced Medtech Market

The already high-growth medtech market of Brazil has been reinforced by the announcement of a stimulus package for national medical technology companies and hospitals. President Dilma Rousseff published on Wednesday 27th measures focused on the government acquisitions of equipment and capital goods for the healthcare system, reassuring the expectancy of this particular market to reach $20 billion by 2015 in Brazil.

Healthcare equipment manufactured by Brazilian companies will have preference on public orders, with a preference margin of 8% to 25% over the price of imported equipment. Moreover, special credit from the Banco Nacional do Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES) will be available for the states and cities to modernize the health service, from the basic to the most complex concerns.

Brazil has the largest economy and largest medical device market in Latin America. With the implementation of these practices, an impact of R$ 2 billion and creation of 5 thousand jobs is expected, apart from the collection of R$ 50 million in taxes.