Monday, December 15, 2014

Important Key Points to Keep in Mind about Consumerisation Strategies

During the BIOMEDevice San Jose 2014, Andrew Atwell, principal at Samsung Open Innovation Center, stated his concerns about consumerization issues in the healthcare sector. According to him, there are four key trends that medical devices companies should keep in mind.
First of all, and following other sectors: free data. Not only gathering health information, but sharing it between devices. These data, however, must provide and  convert it into relevant actionable information. Another important fact pointed out by Andrew Atwell is the importance of releasing the information in real time. According to him, in medical labs there are still many paper-based results that are manually entered by a lab tech. “The doctors should be able to see the data immediately at a patient’s bedside or on the golf course,” Atwell said. Doing so, patients would properly follow protocols after leaving hospitals and it would prevent readmissions. The last concern stated by Atwell was about usability. “The traditional form factor of many medical devices has been frustrating for many users.” Both patients and doctors are demanding medical devices and systems that engage users.

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