Monday, November 17, 2014

Middle East and North Africa: Potential Target Markets

Consisting from Mauritania to Pakistan, from Egypt to Iran, these countries have been making huge efforts in order to increase both level and coverage of healthcare, regulate the sector, making it easier to operate and guarantee quality of products to the patients. Despite financial limitations and/or geopolitical instability, the overall trend is positive and sustainable political breakthroughs. Over the last two years, a continued effort to establish regulatory systems in additional countries is steering confidence in the sector.
The value of the medical devices market in Middle East and North Africa is estimated around US$ 4 billion and it’s growing by 5% per year. This heterogeneous market comprises approximately 650 million people with a cumulative GDP of more than US$ 5.2 trillion.
Mecomed is the Middle East and North Africa medical devices and diagnostics trade association.  Established in March 2007, they aim to build and improve the industry image and perception; help in substantially reducing non-compliant business practices; enhance access to key stakeholders; collaborate in critical projects with common interests. For more details, visit

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