Monday, December 2, 2013

“3D: Printing the Future”

           3D Printing, or more professionally called Additive Manufacturing, is a process of making three dimensional solid object from a digital model. It can print in plastic, metal, nylon and so many other materials. It can make manufacturing prototype, end user products and even human organs by using a person’s own cells. This is possible because of its technology: it creates a three dimensional object by building it layer by layer successively.
        Besides the industry sector and academic researches, 3D Printing is being used by physicians and surgeons. The most recent event, that was all over the international media, is a case that took place in the United Kingdom. Surgeons are using 3D Printing to rebuild a patient’s face which was crushed in a motorbike accident. However, the surgery hasn’t been booked yet. The theme became an exhibition at the Science Museum in London and it is called “3D: Printing the Future”.

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