Monday, October 21, 2013

Emerging Markets: Brazil and the Medical Device Industry

Since the 2008 crisis that took place mainly in the United States and Europe, it’s been said a lot about the opportunities in emerging countries. But one shall be careful when analyzing these markets and try to evaluate its potential as objectively as possible.
        When it comes about Brazil and the medical device industry, some challenges one may face when trying to approach this market. Some of them are the bureaucracy, strong regulatory system added to long timelines and delays, high taxes and a structure that varies according to the product which makes hard to know in advance how much the price will be for the final customer.
        However, when you overcome the language and the cultural barriers, it is all worthwhile because Brazil is a huge market, with more than 190 million people, a large public healthcare system which represents 4.1% of its GDP, a US$4 billion in imports and US$700 million in exports of medical devices.

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