Monday, September 9, 2013

Brazilian Healthcare Market 2012: a retrospective

    As an innovative industry, the Brazilian healthcare industry exports to more than 180 countries and generates around 100 thousand jobs in the national territory. The sector is considered an important component in the Brazilian economy. And so, it is important to analyze its updated market numbers.
   ABIMO is the Brazilian Healthcare, Medical and Dental Equipment Industry Association. It releases healthcare market numbers every year. One can access some of the 2012 statistics in ABIMO’s official webpage. There are information about the healthcare national production value, productivity, investment, international trade, national production and demand, Brazilian taxes, etc. Some indicators draw more attention than others. The “healthcare national production value” is one of them, as it reached almost R$5 billion (more than US$2.17 billion) last year. “Investments” is as well an important indicator and it represented more than R$300 million (more than US$130 million) in 2012.
    Unfortunately, the Brazilian healthcare industry must be careful about the numbers of international trade (imports surpassed exports) and the national production only represents 38,9% of the national demand.

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