Monday, July 8, 2013

Human Health Framework in the 21st Century

To understand the global framework of the 7 billion citizens’ health, the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) along with other institutions promoted a worldwide project called Global Burden of Disease. Described as “the largest study of its kind and the first such study since 1990”, the project intends to make a list of the main causes of death and disability, and brings together about 500 scientists from 50 nations.
One of the findings shows the decline in children’s mortality rate due to improvements  in infectious disease control with sanitation and vaccines. Another finding is the increase of life expectancy, but, unfortunately, people are spending their  later years in poor health as a result of chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, etc). The leading causes of death are: Ischemic Heart Diseases, Lower Respiratory Infections, Stroke, Diarrheal Disease, HIV/AIDS.
To check the pdf version of the HSPH infographic, go to:

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