Monday, May 20, 2013

Obtaining Funds in the Medical Device Industry

           As the supply of venture dollars is rapidly shrinking, the task of seeking funds is becoming even more difficult. More importantly than seeking, is the effort of being able to obtain the fund. The annual IBF MedTech Investing Conference, that took place in Minneapolis last week, provided some tips on how to fulfill this task.

         These tips to obtain fund in the medical device industry can be simplified in three C’s: cost, clinical outcomes and CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - reimbursement). Cost is referred to if the new technology/product can remove expenses from the system. The second C, clinical outcomes, is referred to if patients are doing better with the new technology. Investors want to see clinical evidence and proof that the new product is superior than the treatments already available on the market. And finally, the third C, CMS, is about reimbursement. Investors want to know if the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare will cover the procedure. It is common sense that there is a special highlight for cost, though.

         Despite of being challenging, companies that can demonstrate their command of the three C’s are more likely to obtain funds.

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