Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Innovation in the Medical Device Sector

The concept of Innovation is always linked to the idea of creativity, novelty, technology. Nevertheless, it doesn’t restrict itself to gigantic transformations in expensive technologies. Innovation is usually seen when the problem is identified and better or new methods are created to solve it or to improve a daily process.

In the medical device industry, this preconception is frequently made. Even in this sector, innovation does not necessarily involve large investments but, most importantly, it involves the comprehension of the patient’s needs and its fulfillment to save his life or to improve his quality of life.

Unlike the consumer space where there are no barriers to different ideas, the medical device sector deals with regulatory systems, which dictate the requirements that the industry must meet. Obviously, the regulatory system is concerned about setting high standards for the safety of the patient, but sometimes it can inhibit innovative ideas.

References: http://www.mddionline.com/article/medtech-innovation-doesnt-have-be-expensive

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